Planblue is committed to protect our oceans. By providing easy-to-understand seafloor maps we enable decisionmakers to find solutions for global problems, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. We collect data with our underwater satellite, the DiveRay and visualize the data in our software tools, the FieldGuide and the SeafloorAtlas.

Still in the field, directly after data collection with the DiveRay, the FieldGuide was designed to give an overview of the quality of the collected data. First, the DiveRay is connected to the fieldwork suitcase, which helps us transfer the data, via a high bandwidth connection. The fieldwork suitcase is equipped with the BlueTransporter, our internal data service powered by Kotlins ktor. Then, BlueTransporter copies the data from the DiveRay and makes them accessible for the FieldGuide, a native iPadOS app that enables a quick overview of the collected data on-site by displaying geo-referenced information and videos of the dives.

The FieldGuide showing different data collection areas (left) and transects with corresponding dive videos (right). Images: planblue

After a campaign is complete and data collection was successful, the SeafloorAtlas allows for easy data visualization, handling and analysis. Through the BlueTransporter which runs through the AWS cloud, the recorded seafloor data is fed into the SeafloorAtlas. Programmed with TypeScript, the Single Page Application (SPA) makes it easier to manage the data from campaigns with geographical information. Like the FieldGuide on the iPad it provides an overview of all collected data on a map. The interface allows users to organize the data by projects, explore specific areas in more detail and annotate the data with features of interest. The data can then be extracted and used for example for environmental reporting and scientific publications.

Part of our Software Team – Helge and Marten (left) and the Seafloor Atlas (right). Image: Tobias Winkelmann / planblue (left), planblue (right)

Planblue’s software development is currently focusing on expanding the features of the SeafloorAtlas as a research platform and tailoring it to users´ needs. We are developing the tool to become an online hub for detailed environmental information where users can acquire prolific knowledge of the seafloor without fieldwork.