In November 2019, our CTO Guy returned to the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. Together with Prof. Tom Schils and his team, Guy monitored the island’s coral reefs with the new and improved planblue technology. Guy visualized the effect of climate change on the seafloor. This project was part of the NASA EPSCoR and NASA GEOCORE programs.

It was not the first time planblue visited Guam. In 2018, our CEO Joost already monitored the reefs with a former version of the planblue technology. During the 2019 trip, Guy visited the same dive sites. This allowed us to generate comparable data, and see how the underwater world has changed the past years. Guam is particularly vulnerable to climate change and human impact, so it is of high importance to visualize the development of the reefs through time.

We received great feedback from Tom Schils and his team on our new planblue technology and look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Tom Shills , Maria Kottermair and Guy Rigot

Our CTO Guy is mapping the coral reefs on Guam, with the planblue technology. Image copyright: Tom Schils