Interested in discovering more about planblue’s SeafloorAtlas, advanced ocean data collection, or the innovations in our underwater hyperspectral imaging technology? We will be presenting, attending, and tabling at a variety of events throughout 2023, and would love to take the opportunity to connect with interested stakeholders.

Hannah Brocke presenting at the Love Your Ocean forum at Boot in 2019

Monaco Ocean Week, March 20 – 26

CEO Joost den Haan will be on the AI Panel on March 21st at the Monaco Ocean Week, happening in Monaco City. Since ocean conservation is in the spotlight for this event, Joost will be presenting on planblue’s cutting edge technology, and how it has the potential to revolutionize the blue economy.

Geospatial World Forum, May 3 - 5

And lastly, we’re pleased to announce that Dr. Hannah Brocke will be a speaker at the Geospatial World Forum 2023 in Rotterdam again this year, which Commercial Director Hermen Westerbeek is also attending. As GWF is a collaborative and interactive platform that demonstrates the collective and shared vision of the global geospatial community, planblue is thrilled to bring seafloor monitoring to the table.